Corporate Overview

Future Plans

Over the years we have established close relationship and warm rapport with well known export organizations like TISCO, Century Plywoods India Limited, R.Pyarelal Import and Export and a host of others who have tendered there valuable cargo for exports as well as imports. Keeping in mind offering new facilities to our importers as well as exporters we are in the process of achieving the following targets:-

  1. Acquiring heavy equipments like log grabber and other grabbling machines to expedite discharge as well as movements inside the Dock.
  2. We are in the look out for a tanker of 2500 DWT to carry liquid cargo in the EC India region

Plans are afoot to expand ourselves as Agent by reaching to various importers and exporters. We have plans to open more branches in various parts of the city and outside with the view to tapping stevedoring contracts.

It is a well known fact that expansion will be only possible if your valuable cooperation is extended to us. Help us make the tree grow with well nourished branches. We ensure you that the main policy we follow is hard work and good relationship with the right mix of sincerity and dedication.

We are developing the carriage of cargo by inland waterways specially between Calcutta and Bangladesh ports as well as Calcutta / Haldia EC/WC India regions.